attic extension, Berlin, 2021

Since modernism, the alluring alliteration that says “form follows function” appears to somehow be indisputable. One architectural element that already incorporated this phenomenon hundreds of years earlier is the pitched roof. Sloped as it is, rainwater runs off the overlapping roof corners simply more efficiently. Modern architecture, in its urge to re-question itself, pioneered the success of the flat roof. That, however, is not our topic. Our topic was to fill the roof of the building on Weser-Weichsel-Strasse with apartments, even though the roof had never been intended as such, rather as a shared drying space for washing. But, the roof being so high, it was possible to insert whole apartments – indeed double-storey ones. Luckily alliterations, however obvious they may sound, are not always right.

Project team

Annett Schneider
Daniel Nuhn
Romina Falk
Laura Zorzi
Christoph Seibt
Hannah-Lea Gerlach
Eva Hoppmanns

Photography: Simon Menges, JWA

The original building was designed in 1927 by the architect Otto Werner. It consists of a five-storey perimeter-block corner building.

5th floor
6th floor
Section portico
Section Living area
apartment type 1
apartment type 2
apartment type 3
apartment type 4
apartment type 5

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