Postmodernism holds a top position in the hit list of overrated things – not only because the word itself is quite hideous. It is also partly because this matter of irony, indeed an essential element of postmodernism, never really struck. In architecture, postmodernism primarily meant: to simply put a pillar somewhere, haha. Of course, this apartment building in Maximilianstrasse doesn’t have a single pillar, nowhere. Because it primarily answers its inhabitants’ simple, smartest question, that is: How do I want to live? For example like this. Or like this. Or like this. In a single-floor apartment. In a maisonette. With a garden or with a terrace. Options arise despite the designs’ strict precision. The architecture provides offers without ingratiating itself. How this works? As with all other questions, Michel Foucault, who opposed himself being categorised as a postmodern philosopher, knows the answer here. Instead, he demanded to stay ‘as close as possible’ to the question of the nature of reason and the acceptance of a ‘revolving door of rationality’, for it was incorrect to assume that ‘rationality is the enemy we need to eradicate’. Reason can indeed also be a house like this.

Project team

Jan Wiese
Johannes Kettler

Photography: Udo Meinel

Apartment Entrances
Duplex and single floor apartments
Ground floor
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
4th floor

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