ATTIC-storey CONVERSION, Berlin, since 2016

Thanks to the previous Weser-Weichsel-Straße project we already knew about the many-wondrous function of a pitched roof. The roof in Heinrich-Margareten-Straße is a Berlin roof, consisting of multiply inclined roof surfaces. And it’s a really tall roof. So tall that we could again plan apartments with two levels, including 4.50-metre-high rooms. We know why the roofs were made to be slanted. What we don’t really know is why our predecessor planned them to be so elevated. Nevertheless, what we now know is that one can live really well in them.

Project Team

Julia Bawej
Luisa Schäfer
Laura Zorzi
Annett Schneider
Alisa Joseph
Hannah-Lea Gerlach
Luisa Wimmer

Interior perspective
4th floor
5th floor
attic storey

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